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Flu Shots Are In !!

Our flu shots are in and this year it is more important than ever to get your flu immunization than in the past.  Luckily, when COVID 19 was first recognized in our country it was during the tail end of flu season.  Unfortunately, there were patients that were infected with both influenza and COVID 19 putting them at increased risk of complications.  Decrease your risk by receiving your flu shot.

Is it too soon?    

No: The body will make antibodies to the flu vaccine and their protection will last the whole season and beyond.  We typically have two influenza waves a year, once in December and a second wave around February.  However, the past two years we've actually had a third wave come around the end of March through early April.  By getting the vaccine now, it will protect you for the whole season. 

Remember to always wear your mask in public and social distance when possible.  Let's stay healthy.  Call the office to schedule a flu shot or for any of your other healthcare needs at 440-375-5520!

Dr. Tina Joyce

Tina Joyce Family physician in Concord, Ohio for nearly 15 years, Dr. Joyce cares for newborns through geriatric patients. She is devoted to helping her patients live healthier lives through helping patients gain the best control they can over chronic conditions while practicing preventative medicine to negate health problems.

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