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Covid-19 Vaccine

Dr. Tina Joyce and I just wanted to thank everyone for their help this last weekend, without it we would not have had such a successful Covid-19 vaccination clinic.  We appreciate the Lake County Health Department’s help in getting us the vaccine.  Our staff worked tirelessly, putting in long hours, in preparing for the clinic, giving out the vaccine, and processing all the paperwork afterwards.  We especially want to acknowledge the staff’s children who volunteered to help.  Their assistance, on a cold March day, to facilitate the movement of a 150 people in and out of the office in a couple of hours was indispensable.  Lastly, we want to thank all the people who were vaccinated, for their perseverance over the past year, and for their patience during the busy and hectic day.  Again, thank you everyone.

Peter Joyce Peter has been working with his wife Dr. Tina Joyce as the practice manager from when she first began. He wants to share a few of his insights he has learned over the years about the practice of medicine from a non-medical person.

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